Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Rake Monster

The Rake is a freaky creature that is believed to have a humanoid type appearance. There are many different references in urban legends and folklore. It originally appeared on Creepypasta. This creature has reportedly attacked humans for unknown reasons and often times causes the victim much psychological trauma.

There are many theories that points to the creation of this creature beginning in internet threads and other online discussions. However, due to allusions created by alcoholism, there are other loose sources that reference this creature. The Rake has also been tied to figures like Slenderman, which is an internet meme and has inspired many horror video games. Slenderman was also based on the ancient folklore that referenced a very tall and skinny man that lurked in the woods. It has been theorized the the Rake may possibly be the proxy of the Slenderman. The YouTube channel that was showing the creature on video has since been shutdown.

First Eyewitness Account
The very first account of this creature's existence dates back to the 1800s. It described the Rake as being an extremely terrifying monster with hollow dark eyes. Later on, there were other accounts that were found. One was a suicide note by an author that committed suicide because of the encounters with the Rake.

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